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Is the 4% Rule Becoming the 2% Rule?  A review of recent academic research into what is a "safe" withdrawal rate in

Dividend Growth Portfolio - Fall Checkup and Semi-Annual Review I give my Dividend Growth Portfolio 2 "official"
checkups per year. This is a report on my second checkup for 2015.

Risk Tolerance for the Dividend Growth Investor How risky is your portfolio? How do you cope with market swings? Do you

My Dividend Growth Portfolio Delivers a 7%+ Yield on Cost Already  Another look at the Fall review of my Dividend Growth

Dividend Growth Stock of the Month for October, 2015: International Business Machines (IBM) Warren Buffett has
bought a lot of IBM stock over the past 4 years. Should you?

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PS: As always, you can follow the progress of my demonstration Dividend Growth Portfolio by going to this page. I update the
page every month so you can follow my investment decisions and, most important, the progress of the portfolio to its 10-year goal
of generating, by the end of 10 years, 10% of the portfolio's original cost in dividends each year. Our penny stock newsletter is now more than 7 years into the project, and it is on track to meet its 10-year goal.
It is generating more than 7% of its original cost in dividends each
year. Not to mention that the value of the portfolio has gone up faster than the S&P 500.
Dedicated to the success of the individual investor
Real Dividend Growth Portfolio - Current Report Card - Updated for November, 2015

Real Dividend Growth Portfolio - Strategy and Business Plan - Updated for 2015

Real Dividend Growth Portfolio - Background - How the project started and why it exists

Dividend Growth Investing FAQ - Go here if you are new to dividend growth investing, it will help you get started!

Mission and Values of Sensible Stocks

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